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Announcing the 3 winners of Rohingyatographer social media photo contest for January 2024

Updated: Feb 3

Rohingyatographer Monthly Social Media Photo Contest

As we concluded an incredible year in 2023 with remarkable achievements, thanks to your support and the hard work of the team, we are excited to kick off the new year with a Monthly Social Media Photo Contest. It aims to share the most significant work with you and continue making 2024 a better year.

In this Monthly Social Media Photo Contest, we showcase images chosen by the editors from submissions of photographers in the team, along with their captions and stories, shared via official WhatsApp group. Each month, we select three winners based on the highest number of likes and impressions on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Winners will be received a small prize as recognition for their achievement.

The contest serves as a platform to develop the storytelling skills of the young photographers who are documenting the lives of our community in the world's largest refugee camp in Cox's Bazar. Through their amazing work, they amplify the voices of the community and share Rohingya stories with the global audience, who have graciously joined in this journey and offered their support and encouragement.

Without further ado, here are the three winners for January: Jaitun Ara (Female), Md Hossain (Male) and Anuwar Sadek (Male).

1. Jaitun Ara - Most liked in our Facebook page with "Environment of the camp" photo series.

2. Md Hossain - Most liked in our Instagram page with his image "Memory of the Camp."

3. Anowar Sadek - Most liked in our Twitter page with his image "Rohingya Life Struggle."

Congratulations to the winners, and gratitude to all who took part and backed this project. Keep an eye out for future updates and contests! Miles to go ...

The Prize for the Three Social Media Contest Winners were kindly supported by our generous supporter MilkTeaAlliance Galleries

About Rohingyatographer

Rohingyatographer is a collective of passionate Rohingya photographers and artists. United by our love and dedication, we aim to share the stories of our community through the art of photography.



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