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David Palazón

Producer, Designer and Curator

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David (Barcelona, 1972) is a creative producer who specializes in information design, visual research, documentary photography, and experimental narrative filmmaking. He has extensive experience creating community development and participatory action research projects in humanitarian and development contexts.


With a deep curiosity for exploring the human condition, David's work is a constant inquiry into the human experience. His artwork has been exhibited worldwide and has received international recognition and awards.


In 2019, David was appointed by the UN Migration agency (IOM) as the curator of the Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre, where he led the development and implementation of the project from its inception. This experience had a profound impact on David, leading to lifelong connections with many talented Rohingya photographers and artists. These connections inspired the creation of the Rohingyatographer project, which David supports as a producer on a pro bono basis. For more information on David's work, please visit his website.

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