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Rohingyatographer aims to provide Rohingya youth with creative and self-expression skills through the mediums of art and photography. In collaboration with our key partners, we run workshops in the refugee camp and online. Follow us on social media for information about future workshops.


August — September 2023

60 participants

Rohingya refugee camp (3 locations)

Three art workshops with Rohingya refugee young girls, orphan children and students, kindly sponsored by Marinas Maid Cafe in USA. Facilitated by Enayet Khan, Ro Yassin Abdumonab, Rojiya Bibi, Ayesha and Sahat Zia Hero


December 2022 — February 2023

30 participants (online)

Special project in collaboration with the Language of Light, and artist-led collective based in India connecting with photographers worldwide.


19 December 2022 — 4 February 2023

40 participants

Helvetas Community Centre in Camp 5

Supported by UNHCR 

"I don't want to paint always nightmare. I want to paint my reality." — Says Sumaiya, drawing workshop participant.


“Excellent presentation! You made the training both interesting and entertaining. It was such a dynamic training session. I acquired an essential skill-set to progress in my professional career. Thank you, dear facilitators/mentors Md. Yeasin Abdumonab and Sahat Zia Hero.” — Emdadul Hasan, workshop participant.

“The Mobile Photography Workshop Level 1 was well organized. It was very interesting and taught me a lot of things about the camera settings and capturing ideas that I didn’t know before. I enjoyed collaborating with the participants of the training. Overall, I would like to thank our trainers Sahat Zia Hero, Ro Yassin Abdumonab and UNHCR for supporting this training.” — Kaiser Komor, workshop participant.

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