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ISSUE #1 / 2022

22x28cm / 144 pages / 160 photos / 10 photographers

The first issue of Rohingyatographer deals with the subject of identity through intimate recordings of the daily lives of a displaced community. This collective portrait explores themes of memory, hope, aspirations, faith, beauty, craftsmanship, grief, love and loss among the Rohingya refugee community.

Rohingyatographer 2 cover.jpg


ISSUE #2 / 2023

22x28cm / 148 pages / 217 photos / 20 photographers

In this issue, we delve into the Rohingya community’s relationship with nature and their resilience in the face of harsh living conditions in the refugee camps. Forced to flee their homeland due to persecution and violence, the Rohingya had to quickly adapt to life in the camps, facing challenges with limited resources. Despite these difficulties, the Rohingya remain determined to rebuild their lives and create a better future for themselves and their children. This issue was supported by UNHCR.

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15x23cm / 120 pages / 110 photos / 11 photographers 

This photobook showcases the compelling photographic expressions of 11 Rohingya women. Their images are powerful acts of visual storytelling, each one a testament to resilience and defiance. More than mere photographs, they are pieces of a larger, often neglected story, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives and spirits of these remarkable women. Supported by SEA Junction and Sahat Zia Hero backed by his 2023 Prince Claus Seeds Award.

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A unique and essential publication for anyone interested in the Rohingya experience, community-led photography, visual anthropology, human rights, and refugee studies.


“Wow! This looks amazing. There are so many incredible talented Rohingya photographers, artists, poets, teachers, journalists, musicians, activists and filmmakers. It’s about time their phenomenal creativity is celebrated.” — Mohammed Jamjoom, Senior Correspondent, Aljazeera 

“Even though I know a good deal about the realities Rohingya refugees face, I learned so much more by reading this inaugural issue of Rohingyatographer.” — Prof Tom Arcaro, Elon University


“Please support this initiative by the Rohingya youth in the refugee camp. Your little support will help them to unleash their potential into opportunities.” — Aung Kyaw Moe, Ministry of Human Rights - National United Government of Myanmar

“Inspiring to see Rohingya voices and talent leading the way in highlighting what life is like in Cox’s Bazar, the world’s biggest refugee camp.” — Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council


“An excellent initiative. Young Rohingya photographers capturing images of daily life. Can’t wait to receive my copy!” — Dr Ronan Lee, Author of Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide.

“An incredible collection of photographs and stories, make sure to get yours.” — Nathan McGibney, Senior Global Advocacy Advisor @ Norwegian Refugee Council

“It is hard to overstate how important projects like these are. The Rohingya language has no written script, the Rohingya people currently have no home, and these images will add to a small but emerging oeuvre of what it means to be Rohingya.” — Imrul Islam, Advocacy Manager @ Norwegian Refugee Council


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