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ROHINGYATOGRAPHER is a unique photography magazine produced by a team of talented Rohingya photographers based in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The project aims to promote self-expression and skills development through the medium of photography. It provides the Rohingya youth with a creative platform, enabling the Rohingya community to be known not just for their marginalization, but for their creativity, talent and aspirations for the future.


Over 50% of the Rohingya refugee population are children under the age of 18. With no access to formal education, teenagers lack access to vocational and higher education. They risk becoming a lost generation, susceptible to unemployment, hazardous and exploitative labour, and an uncertain future. Amidst the undeniably harsh realities of life in the refugee camps, many young Rohingya have a strong commitment to educate themselves as well as teaching others. Photography is a very popular subject among Rohingya youth, an interest that grew from helping journalists to navigate the camps and gather stories for the international press. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, media access to the camps has become more restricted; this fostered several collectives, as young Rohingya photographers used social media to tell their stories in their own way. This provides the Rohingya youth with a tool for self-expression documenting their collective memory and experience living in the world’s largest refugee camp.

This is a non-profit initiative published twice a year. The income generated is reinvested in the production of the next issue. If you would like to exhibit our work and talk partnerships to support our project, please get in touch by email and join our mailing list below to receive updates. 


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