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Photos courtesy of British High Commission and Libration War Museum

Picturing the Rohingya Genocide: Resistance, Resilience, Remembrance

Rohingya Centre of Canada

Kitchener, Ontario

25 August 2023


We're honored to have been part of the exhibition "Picturing the Rohingya Genocide: Resistance, Resilience & Remembrance," held on the occasion of Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day at the Rohingya Centre of Canada. This significant event marked a milestone for Rohingyatographer Magazine and amplified the collective voices of our contributing photographers and artists. Notable talents included Abul Kalam, Sahat Zia Hero, Ro Yassin Abdumonab, Enayet Khan, Mayuu Khan, Md Iddris, Abdul Wajed, Parmin Fatema, Arfat Khan, and Moriyam, among others. Together, we crafted a visual narrative that transcends borders, speaking directly to the core of human experience.


Our involvement in this project was far more than an artistic endeavor; it was a profound act of solidarity. We took it upon ourselves to ensure that the voices and narratives of the Rohingya are neither silenced nor forgotten. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Saiful Mohammed and Javiet Ealom for their commitment and creative brilliance in organizing this inclusive event. Special thanks are also due to Greg Constantine for his invaluable collaboration.

Photos courtesy of the Rohingya Centre of Canada

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