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Enayet Khan

Visual Artist

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Enayet was born in 1999 in Nwa Yong Thong village in Arakan. He completed school until grade ten and started drawing inspired by his uncle. 'If I want to explain anything, the best language I can use is art.' —he says. His artistic career began when in class nine he drew a portrait of his teacher. Not only did his teacher buy the painting, but he also received an award from his school for his artistic skills. His favourite colour is white and his favourite artist is Leonardo da Vinci. His favourite words are try and nothing is impossible.


Together with his family, he was forced to flee Myanmar in August 2017. His family now lives in the southern refugee camp near Teknaf. He is married and the proud father of a baby girl. He currently works as a volunteer at the Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre.


His artwork has been exhibited in several exhibitions, including the 2021 Oxfam Rohingya Arts Campaign, and in 2022 the Genocide Survivors in Oslo, 'We are Rohingya' at the Liberation War Museum in Dhaka. His painting 'Rohingya lifestyle in Arakan' received the 2nd prize at the 2022 Remembrance Day Art Contest by the Art Garden Rohingya. His paintings were showcased at Artolution's 'Renaissance of Rohingya Culture' at the Dhaka Lit Fest 2023.

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