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Hujjat Ullah


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Hujjat is the eldest of eight siblings. He completed his secondary high school education in 2015 and traveled to Bangladesh to pursue a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy at the International Islamic University in Chittagong, which he completed in 2019. He subsequently earned his master's degree in 2023. 'Every person has different interests and hobbies. Mine is to become a qualified healthcare professional pharmacist,' he said.


His hobbies include reading, public speaking, and helping people unconditionally. He enjoys listening to the stories and experiences of elderly people, stating, 'I believe that there are many interesting things happening around us, which most people do not notice, but as a photographer, I can capture them.'

Additionally, he has worked to secure scholarships for numerous Rohingya students, demonstrating his passion to revolutionise educational pathways for the Rohingya community.


Currently, he works as a Rohingya voice-over artist and handles public relations at Zita Channel," Hujjat explains.

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