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Ro Mon Sur Ali


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Ro Mon Sur Ali was born in 2001 in a village named Pha Wet Chaung in Northern Maungdaw. Due to the violence against Rohingya in 2017, he fled to Bangladesh with his family. He is now living in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. 


He loves photography and poetry. ‘I’m interested in photography and poetry since I was a student. Photography is something that allows me to tell the stories of my people in many different ways so people around the world can see how the Rohingya are suffering everyday in the world largest refugee camp in Bangladesh. Poetry allows me to raise my voice on behalf of my people and express to the world what I feel every day. In my free time, I love to compose Rohingya poems and stories. Many of my poems are published in The Art Garden Rohingya which is an online platform for Rohingya poets. I recently won a prize in poetry translation during the Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day Art Contest.’ —he explained.

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