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Limited spaces, limitless laughter: Rohingya children’s quest for joy

Updated: Jun 6

2023 © Ro BM Hairu

Every day introduces new challenges for Rohingya children in a refugee camp housing almost 1 million people. The lack of space for play is a concern, affecting their mental and social development. Despite these conditions, friends like Rohim and Reyas find moments of happiness and maintain their friendship, but not all children have the opportunity to play and relieve stress in the same way.

Explore the video by Ro BM Hairu below, where he discusses his photograph capturing Rahim and Reyas.

Ro BM Hairu, is a Rohingya youth who was compelled to escape his homeland, Myanmar, due to the devastating conflict and violence afflicting his community. Born in 1998 to Amanullah and Dilbahar, Hairu completed his high school education in Arakan State in 2015. Despite this achievement, the Myanmar Government denied Rohingya students, including Hairu, the chance for higher education.


Education remains a focal point for Hairu. In the refugee camps of Bangladesh, he dreams of the day when he, and many like him, can access tertiary education, ensuring a brighter future for the entire Rohingya community. Poetry, in particular, offers him solace. Through it, he expresses his deepest emotions, aiming to bridge cultural divides and foster global understanding. Hairu's contributions to literature include poems in the 'I'm a Rohingya' anthology and the 'Rohingya Dreams' collection. Beyond his writing, he shared his personal journey and his community's struggles in this interview with Tom Arcaro, a professor from Elon University in the USA.


‘Driven by the desire to shed light on the plight of the Rohingya people and advocate for justice and protection, I have dedicated myself to writing articles, stories, and poems that serve as a window into our community's struggles. Through my words, I aim to convey the depth of violence and oppression experienced by the Rohingya and to foster understanding and empathy among readers worldwide. Furthermore, I have also honed my skills in photography, capturing images that encapsulate the reality of our lives and the resilience of our spirit.’ Hairu.

With a fervent hope for a better future for the Rohingya, Hairu continues to advocate for their rights to justice, protection, and education. Through his work, he aspires to influence positive change, driving towards a world where every individual, including the Rohingya, can live with respect and dignity.


This feature is part of The Rohingya Experience, an exhibition in St Helier, Island of Jersey during July 2024, developed by Rohingyatographer, a collective of Rohingya refugee photographers in partnership with Jersey Overseas Aid.



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