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Azimul Hasson

Photographer and Poet

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Azimul was born in 2002 in a little village named Bolibazar in Maungdaw Township in Myanmar. Since the exodus in 2017, he lives in the refugee camps. He is a photographer, poet and a former media fellow with Fortify Rights and the Doha Debates—a project recipient of the Shorty Award and Anthem Award. He was selected for the Oxfam’s Rohingya Arts Campaign and his photographic work has been featured in Amnesty International Thailand and EverydayAsia. He is the co-author of A Chance To Breathe, a photobook published by Fortify Rights and PhotoEvidence.


‘Since childhood I wanted to become a photographer. My dream came true when I became a media fellow with Fortify Rights and the Doha Debates. With my camera, I capture the reality of my community on a daily basis. Through my photos, the world can see our situation in the refugee camps. Writing poetry is also one of my passions. It allows me to enter a world where I find no injustice or discrimination. In my free time I write poems about the life of the Rohingya community. My wish is to become a famous Rohingya poet. My poems have been published on The Art Garden Rohingya, an online platform for young Rohingya poets.’ —Azimul explained.

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